Get The Chef All To Yourself With Private Dining

With Peter Mundy Catering Services, you get more than your usual services like dining options for events. We are caterers to occasions like wedding receptions, barbecue parties, and corporate functions. We also give you the option to choose our private dining package.

Through our personal chef service, you will be provided with a chef who will cater to your party alone. You can use this option whilst within the walls of your home. Our chef will come to your house and will take over your kitchen to cook for the party you want to host.

We bring to the table more than 2 decades worth of catering experience. The chefs working with us follow the lead of our Executive Head Chef, Peter Mundy, in our bid to create flavours that are perfected. Our dedication to mastering the art of catering is perhaps one of the reasons word of mouth has improved our reputation. With our popularity in the South West at stake, we aim to consistently plate up dishes that exceed expectations and satisfy our diners’ cravings. Locally produced, fresh ingredients help us in creating unique dishes that leave a wonderful and lastingexperience.

Each dish we plate up has the same attention to detail as the first. We have collaborations with various manors and halls across the region, which we cater for. Some of the venues that are spread across the South West are Northmoor House, The Corn Barn, Duvale Priory, Knowle Manor, and Huntsham Court. When we cater to these manors, we make sure we carry everything we might need to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. Our well-trained waiting staff and personal chefs make sure they are available from the start of the event till its close to take care of your guests.

Other than our catering services, we also offer the option of hiring catering equipment and training sessions for other caterers. If you decide that hosting a party by yourself is what you would like to do but find that you don’t have the right equipment, we can rent that out to you. Some of the things we have for hire are BBQs, hog roast machines, pans, pots, stoves, crockery, cutlery, and refrigerators. If you are another chef in the industry looking to better your performance or you are an enthusiast looking for a better insight into the industry, then we offer sessions that you can take part in. We offer advice and guidance to chefs looking to leave their mark in the catering world.

When you opt for your private dining session with Peter Mundy Catering Services, you get more than just a caterer. You get a chef who is dedicated to plating your meal as if it were a work of art and not just another meal.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our private dining co-ordinator on 01398 331822

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