Dine Fine With Peter Mundy

Peter Mundy is a catering service that was founded in 2006 in the Midlands. With us, you can spice up any event by providing your guests with dishes to tantalise their taste buds. If you’re aiming to create a fine dining experience at a wedding or even at a corporate gathering, our expertise can help you succeed. With over 2 decades of experience in the field of catering, we know the ins and outs of fine dining, and how to tweak our flavours to suit the right mood.

Looking to serve a crowd of more than 100 people? No problem. Our team possesses the skills to manage a gathering of over 300 people. So whether you’re having a small family meeting, or throwing a birthday party to commemorate an important milestone, we can be of service.

Customisation. That’s the benefit we provide whilst designing your menu. We speak to each individual customer, to try and grasp what they require for an event. Once we have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to create the ideal menu for the event. If you wish to keep your fine dining experience under wraps, we even offer a private chef service. Just book a room, and we’ll provide you with the chef to cook and maintain your dining room for a special occasion. Recommendations are always welcome, and you can tailor the service to fit your needs.

Fine dining would be pointless without top quality food. Our service ensures freshly-sourced food products, created with the personal touch of passion that comes from our dedicated chefs. We have a fine array of kitchen equipment to make our service run smoothly. Our specialised tools include hog roast machines, turbo ovens, crockery, pots, pans, and even fridges. With us, your food will receive the treatment it deserves.

Besides fine dining, we also provide casual dining experiences, like evening tea or a warm barbecue. We serve a wide range of occasions which include:

Weddings: Private gathering or lavish ceremony? Fine dining or casual barbecue? Our services can cater to any requirement you have. And with our customised menu, both the bride and groom can choose exactly what should be served on their special day.

Corporates: If you’re throwing an office party, we can help please the employees or clients that you’re trying to impress.Our recipes are accompanied by a service that can be compared to some of the finest restaurants in the UK.

Hog Roasts: Everyone loves the smell and the sound of crackling meat roasting slowly over an open fire. We provide hog roasts to make your event more appealing, and to infuse it with delicious aromas.

If you need more information, contact us. We can provide you with a detailed explanation of our services and the kind of food we provide for various events. With us, your dining experience will be second to none.

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