Peter Mundy Catering For Various Events

Based out of Devon, Peter Mundy Catering Services has grown in popularity over the years due to their outstanding food. With nearly 20 years of catering experience under our belt, we aim to incorporate new techniques in our dishes to pack a powerful punch. We strive to make sure that the food we produce creates an impact on your memory, which is why we have grown in popularity mainly due to word of mouth. No matter what the size of the dining party, we serve each dish with the same elegance and respect as the first.

Food is like art, where you balance flavour and appeal. As caterers, we are bound by an unspoken rule, which is to perfect dishes and marry flavours. We offer event catering in the form of weddings, corporate events, BBQs, cocktail parties, and private dining events in Devon.

Any event catering Devon asks for, we are available with our knives sharpened and ready. Our caterers serve up dishes that have locally produced ingredients, which have been perfected by our Executive Head Chef, Peter Mundy. Each event requires a different catering style. A wedding reception could be for anywhere between 20 to hundreds of guests. Our staff are trained to handle numbers up to 300 people.

We have an extensive sample menu you can taste so that you know exactly what you can expect on the day of the event. Perfected recipes and delightful tastes, the dishes we serve up are bound to satisfy any craving.

You can choose 5 venues we have ties with, which are Knowle Manor, Huntsham Court, Duvale Priory, The Corn Barn, and Northmoor House. Depending on the event you are hosting, you can choose your venue. On the day of the event, our staff will be there to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We will organise everything that you will need for the event and will be available throughout the duration of it.

Other than event catering, we also provide other services like equipment for hire, advice, and training. We offer equipment such as cutlery, crockery, BBQs, and ovens. In the training department, we offer advice and training to like-minded enthusiasts and chefs seeking to better their catering performance.

Every morsel of food that leaves our kitchen does so withcare and passion. We create our dishes to mirror the love we have for food and all things related to the pieces of art that have a plate as its canvas.

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