The Worlds Of Business And Dining Combine At Corporate Functions


When looking for a caterer in the South West of the UK, you are sure to come across our name. Peter Mundy Catering Service serves up food that has been tried and tested by us over twenty years.

With ingredients and products that have been sourced locally, we plate up stunning dishes that impress diners with their flavours and presentation. With recipes that have been personally created by our Executive Head Chef, Peter Mundy, we serve food that is sure to be a hit at any event.

We offer our catering services for various occasions and events you might want to host. A wedding reception, barbeque party, corporate functions, and cocktail dinners are some of the events that are right up our streetWe will provide you with sample menus to taste so that you can get an idea about the flavours we use. We are flexible with our menus as we know each diner is different, which is why we are open to being told what you want for your party. Numbers are irrelevant to us as we feel no party is too small to cater to. We are capable of handling up to 300 people at any given point in time.

For corporate dining, we offer services that combine the efficiency of the kitchen with that of service. We cater to several manors and halls in the South West, which would prove to be ideal venues for your event. Some of the venues are Northmoor House, Huntsham Court, and Knowle Manor. If you were to rent out any of the manors we have ties with, we will ensure that any requirements for the event are seen to by us. We will bring with us all the equipment and staff we might need to make sure the event you host is successful. From the minute it starts till the event ends, you will have the service of our fine waiting staff and professional catering chefs, who will ensure no guest is left wanting.

With outdoor events, crowd favourites like hog roasts and barbecues are usually the brightest stars on our menu. We offer the option of hiring the equipment needed for it, should you feel the need to host a party by yourself. At Peter Mundy, we believe that a company grows along with its fellow competitors, which is why we offer advice and training to fellow chefs. Training staff on proper safety systems and food management are one of the several training sessions we provide.

We take pride in the fact that we have grown in popularity to the good exposure we have received from diners and their word of mouth. We strive to put forth dishes that are consistent in perfection and flavour, so that our reputation improves across all the South West, which includes Bristol, Taunton, and Devon.

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