Conferencing in The Dining Room: Peter Mundy Meets Corporate Dinners


Peter Mundy Catering Services offer a wide range of choices when it comes to menus for events. With a 20-year work experience backing the name, you are not left wanting when you dine on any of our dishes.

We undertake events for various occasions like wedding receptions, barbeque parties, and corporate dinners. With corporate dinners, we combine fine food with the flavours of business. We offer quite a number of dishes that you can add to the menu. Keeping in mind that everyone’s tastes differ, we provide you with the option of changing it to better suit your requirements.

We use locally produced products that are fresh in all of our dishes, which contribute to the unique flavours you will taste. Our chefs are individuals who have dedicated their careers to learning the art of marrying flavours. With the right balance, we have created dishes that have perfected recipes. Due to our perfectionist-like dedication, we have grown in popularity through word of mouth.

Based out of Devon, we have spread our catering wings to cover the South West of the UK. We have touched down in Bristol and Taunton, where we provide services that aid in perfecting your special occasion.

No party is too small or tolarge for us as we are equipped to handle up to 300 people at a time. We cater at various manors and halls across the county, if you would like to rent out one for a fine corporate dining experience. We have a tie up with venues like Huntsham Court, Knowle Manor, Duvale Priory, The Corn Barn, and Northmoor House, which you can hire. We will organise anything and everything we might need to cater to your party at these venues. From the moment it starts till the moment it ends, we will see to the smooth transition of the various stages of your event. Our waiting staff and personal chef will be available to cater to the needs of your guests.

If you are looking at holding your event outdoors, then you could arrange for a buffet-style dining experience. With the services of a hog roast machine or a barbeque, you are sure to host a memorable event. Every dish we serve reflects the passion and care it was made with. Overseen by our Executive Head Chef, Peter Mundy, our dishes transform from raw ingredients to spectacular works of art. Our attention to detail is probably the cherry on top of this catering sundae. The variety of choices and the high standards they adhere to are one of the reasons Peter Mundy Catering Services is slowly but surely making its way to being one of the best caterers in town.

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