Peter Mundy Showcases Flavour: Buffet Style

A wide variety of choices are available at Peter Mundy Catering Services for you to choose from. We are available to cater for any sort of event, whether the gathering is a small one or a large one. We cater for occasions like wedding receptions, barbecue parties, and corporate functions. The sample menus we provide will give you an insight into the flavours we deal with, which would help you decide what to incorporate into your event.

Each individual has different tastes, which is why when you provide a choice of foods at an event you will more likely have more satisfied guests. One way of ensuring that no guests at your party are left wanting is dining through a buffet. Buffets give diners the option of eating food they are comfortable with as well as giving them the option to step out of their comfort zone and taste other flavours. A crowd favourite with buffets is the availability of a barbecue station or a hog roast machine.

When you combine the subtle aromas of delicious foods with the fresh air of the outdoors, you’re left with a memorable experience. Buffets leave the choice to its diners, regarding how much of what they would like.

Peter Mundy Services have tie-ups with a number of halls and manors that are scattered across the South West. Some of the venues are Knowle Manor, Huntsham Court, Duvale Priory, and The Corn Barn. If you opt to hold your event at any of the places we cater to then you can be guaranteed delightful services. We will be there from the start of the event till its close. With our experienced and helpful waiting staff and chefs, we will see to it that every guest has their needs taken care of without you having to worry about any arrangements.

We will talk to you about what your event is about and what we propose to serve. You can tell us then what you deem necessary to change on the menu and we will alter it. If you would like to host a buffet by yourself and are in need of equipment, we could help you with that as well. We offer several catering-related apparatus that you can hire and use. Some of the things that are available to rent are turbo ovens, refrigerators, pans, pots, cutlery, crockery, and stoves.

From a small dinner to a big luxury wedding, we treat each dish we plate with the same care and attention to detail. Capable of handling a gathering of up to 300 guests, we will help make sure your event goes off without a hitch in the dining experience. Each recipe we use are ones that have been tried and tested by our Executive Head Chef, Peter Mundy. We strive to maintain our popularity across the South West by providing flavours that exceed all expectations.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our private dining co-ordinator on 01398 331822

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